Empowering our community to create a fair, affordable, zero carbon energy system with local people at its heart.

We are a charity and a social enterprise, with a cooperative ethos, made up of members who want a better future for our community and planet.


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How it works

Our family of organisations purposely uses a cooperative, member-led structure to allow community representatives to take leadership on local solutions to the climate emergency and the energy transition.

We find solutions to problems

Part of the problem is our reliance on fossil fuels, domination of big energy companies and cold, poorly built homes. So we come up with business models and plans to challenge business as usual. By giving local people ownership in positive solutions (like renewable energy generation and zero carbon, affordable homes) then we can make change happen locally. Since 2014, we have been giving our community the opportunity to take ownership of our energy future by buying shares in our schemes.


Our community buy shares

We launch a 'community share raise'. During this a set time period, anyone (aged 18 years or above) can buy shares, from £50 to £100,000. Share holders become our members, can stand as a Director on the Board and have a say in how the organisation is run. They also receive a fair interest on their investment.

We build it

We use a mixture of finance and the money we raise through community shares to put solar on schools and community buildings or to build community-led housing...we manage the process, on behalf of members, from start to finish and then the on-going management once the scheme is up and running.

Our community owns it

Local people benefit from low cost renewable energy, investors get a fair return and we generate a community benefit fund to be able to support more projects reducing fuel poverty and carbon emissions.


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