Transition Tavistock seeks to bring our community together by sharing knowledge and practical ideas to use less energy and resources, grow more of our own food, and supply and buy more locally.

Our goal is to help build a strong and self-supporting community for Tavistock and the surrounding areas, seizing the opportunity to bring about a more sustainable and better future.

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The Devon History Society is a registered charity that promotes the study of all aspects of Devon’s history through:

lectures, meetings, conferences and visits
publications: newsletter and journal and the website
workshops to support research skills
affiliation for local history societies to share research and take part in DHS activities
opportunities to take part in DHS research projects

The Devon History Society also:

maintains a list of speakers on Devon history topics
undertakes research projects
annually awards prizes for research and publications
is involved with other organisations to promote the history of Devon
is an advocate for improving access to resources for local history research, in particular through working with the Heritage Service Centres in Devon and with Devon’s universities
is responsive to its membership to meet their aspirations in promoting the study of Devon’s history

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Since its formation in 2017, Tavistock Heritage Trust's main objective has been to support Tavistock Town Council in formulating and delivering the Guildhall Gateway Centre, a £1.6 million project to renovate, conserve and repurpose Tavistock's Victorian Guildhall by converting the Grade II*-listed building into a new heritage interpretation centre. Once construction work is complete, the Trust will be responsible for running the Guildhall and providing both locals and visitors with a fascinating introduction to the heritage of the area, with a particular focus on the history of mining and criminal justice.

The Trust also has the broader goal of educating the public about all aspects of the unique history and heritage boasted by Tavistock and the local area. By organising guided walks, lectures, educational activities and all manner of other events, we aim to 'Bring Tavistock's Heritage to Life' for everyone and anyone with an interest. We also seek to be a positive force in the local community by providing a wide variety of interesting and satisfying volunteering roles, which will allow local people to develop new skills and meet new friends. 

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Tavistock Museum is a town museum located in the historic Court Gate. The entrance is in Guildhall Square.

The Museum is currently not open and no date has been set for a re-opening. (Check website for re-opening times)

Opening Times:

Monday - Saturday, 11.00am to 3.00pm, from 1st May until the end of October.

At other times it is closed except by arrangement.

Admission is Free - but the museum has a 'donation is requested' policy to cover running costs. It is managed by a charitable trust, and staffed by volunteers. 

Tavistock Museum Court Gate, Guildhall Square, Tavistock PL19 0AE

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Tavistock Subscription Library was founded in 1799 by: John Taylor, a 19-year-old engineer from Norwich who had come to Tavistock to manage a local copper and tin mine; John Cummins, of about the same age as Taylor, a bookseller; Edward Bray, the young Tavistock curate; and Reverend William Evans, an older man, a non-conformist minister who ran a local school. John Taylor became an eminent mining engineer and a Fellow of the Royal Society.

The Library is located in Guildhall Square in Tavistock PL19 0AE next to the well-known Court Gate Archway, between the archway and the Tavistock Museum. Our front door is just to the left of the Museum entrance. 

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Our society was founded in 1984 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. We organise meetings and visits and run a photographic archive, based in Court Gate in Bedford Square.

We usually meet on the second Tuesday of the month except in October when it changes to avoid the evening of Goose Fair. During the summer months we organise external visits to places of local historic interest including an all day coach trip.

Tuesday evening meetings usually take place at 7.30pm in the Parish Rooms behind the Vicarage in Plymouth Road next to the Bedford Hotel. All Society events are free to members unless otherwise stated. 

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Tamar Energy Community is a not for profit, community owned social enterprise run by our members.

We localise energy.

We’re all spending a lot of money on heating and powering our homes (around £16m per year, or £44,000 a day across the Tavistock area). With much of this spend going to the big power companies the majority of the benefit leaves our local economy like a leaking bucket.

We provide independent energy advice and support, develop community owned renewable energy projects, and are working to understand how local people can gain greater benefit from the changing energy market.

Addressing the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency and how we can Build Back Better is at the core of our work.

We welcome your support in helping us achieve this together.

Tamar Energy Community is a community energy cooperative for Tavistock, Callington and the Tamar valley. 

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Jane and Mary Parminter were non-conformists belonging to the Glenorchy Independent (Congregational) Church in Exmouth. However, they found that bad weather, especially in the wintertime, often prevented them from making the journey to church. One story says that they did not wish their coachman to work on the Sabbath and they therefore decided to build their own chapel in a field adjacent to their home. At the same time they decided to create a small resident community for needy women and the idea of the almshouses was born. The tiny chapel and its surrounding almshouses was built in 1811 and licensed for worship in 1812 by the Bishop of Exeter. At that time special dispensation had to be granted for public worship for “His Majesty’s Protestant subjects dissenting from the Church of England”.

A manse was built in 1829 as a residence for the Chaplain and is still now occupied by the current Chaplain who also acts as Warden for the almshouses. Services are still held in the Chapel but now only once a week at 11.00am every Sunday. There is a small regular congregation, with a background from several denominations, including some of the residents, although the requirement to attend worship is no longer applied! Although the Chapel remains independent, there is a strong association with the United Reformed Church and especially with Glenorchy URC in Exmouth, where some of the Trustees are members. 

Point in View Chapel Summer Lane, Exmouth EX8 2BD

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We are a group of people who try as best we can to make God’s love real in all we do together. Through our worship and our work we try to reach out to our community and make the Good News of Jesus known in practical, caring ways.

We welcome everyone to join us for our Sunday morning services, which are warm and relaxed. We sing traditional and contemporary hymns projected onto a screen. Our hymn books are Rejoice and Sing (the URC’s own hymn book), New Hymns and Worship Songs and Church Hymnary 4. We hope and pray that each person will experience something of the love of God here.

If you are seeking a church family to call home, we would love to have you join our membership – all are welcome – there are no hoops to jump through!

The motto coined by our founder is ‘Within these walls let no one be a stranger’ and we do our best to make that true for everyone.

Visit our website for updates on Covid restrictions 

Glenorchy United Reformed Church Exeter Rd, Exmouth EX8 1PL

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