Friends of Mincinglake is a community group, under the umbrella of Transition Exeter, who aim to empower local people to use and become involved with the management of their local valley park. Initial activities have centred around the community orchard and have included an apple juicing day and an apple tree adoption and wassail. The group aims to engage residents in “green gym” activities around the park by giving them a sense of ownership for their local green space.

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1st August 2020 Orchard Weeding and Apple Photography

Join us for some socially distant orchard weeding and taking photos of our apple crops. (This is to see if we can identify our trees so we know whether whether to juice, bake or just eat our apples). Bring gardening gloves and any tools you have to cut back any brambles or nettles around the trees to ensure that apple picking later in the year isn't painful!

17th May 2020 Community Apple Press

Friends of Mincinglake/Transition Exeter have been awarded a grant by Devon County Council to buy a community apple press. Community members have adopted apple trees and have been looking after the orchard really well. I even noticed some toast for the birds hanging on the trees this week! Hopefully in autumn we can enjoy the fruit of our labours and have some community juicing days, or family juicing sessions if we are still in lockdown then! 

8th May 2020 Weeding and Adopting Trees

Grass is getting long around the apple trees ... I just popped down today with my shears and cut the grass back a bit to give the trees more air, water and nutrients. If you get a chance do go down and weed your tree .. or any tree that looks like it needs some love!

If you can find a tree with a green tag with nothing written on it except a number you can adopt it and let me know the number ... or if you want one without a tag than just tie a ribbon or something on it and will put it down on the list. 

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