Do you want to shop locally?

Do you want to make a difference in Devon?

Do you want to be sustainable?

Then this is for you.

What & Where

A big internet shout for Devon


Wednesday 19th August


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The Covid-19 Crisis has brought out the best in us. And that positive energy has come out in a thousand ways. Shopping for neighbours, delivering medicines, in just smiling at each other.

Now we are on the first steps of recovery. Now we are looking to help our local businesses and charities.

In this Devon is full of good ideas: Shop4Plymouth, Live Love Local, Good Food Exeter, Totally Ashburton, to name just a few.

But don't just view this as a time to go back. Look at some bigger pictures.

The climate emergency has even greater power to devastate our communities.

Local shopping is not just about keeping money flowing through our local communities.

Local shopping is about reducing unnecessary transport, reducing fossil fuel emissions, reducing waste.

Devon has farmers, shopkeepers, crafters, and dreamers. Some working for equality, some working for sustainability, some working for their home.

Let's share our good ideas. Let's find common ground. Let's strengthen our connections. Let's build back greener.



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