A wooded valley opening up to the moors of Dartmoor with a rich and varied industrious past

Plans are underway towards creating a healthy, beautiful, natural environment for wildlife and people, whilst also preserving this woodland for ever.

Plymbridge is a young woodland which was planted 110 years ago. It is made up of compartments of trees of a single species. This is perfect if you are trying to grow trees as a crop for production of timber but not ideal for nature. So our plan is to reinstate the healthy, beautiful, natural woodland that would have been here before the planting.


Plymbridge Woods Plymbridge Road, Plympton PL7 4SR

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Plym Valley Woods (CWS) Plym Valley Woods is located in the east of Plymouth between the areas of Leigham and Plympton. The site covers 60.4 hectares and is owned and managed by the National Trust and is accessible to the public.

A variety of habitats are present including woodland, grassland, ponds and the River Plym. A feature of the area is the extent of former industrial activity and a concentration of communication routes.

There has been slate quarrying and mining at the site, with a canal built in the 1820s for the extraction of materials. This was replaced in 1834 by a railway. The ruins of this past industrial life can still be seen, with derelict cottages, old sheds and tracks of the railways still visible.

The site is designated as a County Wildlife Site because of its ancient semi-natural broadleaved woodland and associated ancient woodland indicator plants.

Species include: Sanicle, Sessile oak, Goldenrod, Wild cherry, Wood spurge, Broad-leaved Helleborine

There's also invertebrate interest at this site with Red Data Book beetles Carabus intricatus and Hypulus guercinus having been recorded. 


Woodland Trust The woods provide a haven of peace close to Plymouth. The area has an industrial past and there are tell-tale signs of the woods' history everywhere you look although nature is reasserting itself. The woods are home to a wide variety or flora and fauna including both woodland and wetland bird life. NCN cycle route 27 passes through the woods.


Drake’s Trail in West Devon is a 21-mile, multi-use route linking Tavistock with Plymouth. This important part of Devon’s recreational network runs along the western edge of Dartmoor with superb countryside, attractive scenery, and much historical and heritage interest along the way.



Wikipedia Plymbridge Woods is a woodland in Plympton, Devon, England managed by The National Trust. The woods are named after the historic Plymbridge, a Grade II listed bridge over the River Plym. Drake's Trail passes through the woods providing a cycling and walking route. There is a range of wildlife, birds and flora.


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