How Transition Plymouth Started

Transition Plymouth started with an open meeting on 19th June 2009 at the Roland Levinsky building of Plymouth University. Transition Network's Ben Bragwyng was an invited guest and guide for our first two meetings along with Plymothians.

Different ways of approaching sustainability were discussed.

The initiative continued to hold monthly open meetings for a year. From its beginning it was an open process trying to work
as horizontally and inclusively as possible, learning to use consensus as a way to take participatory decisions.

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The Transition movement started with Transition Town Totnes. It’s all about adapting to a future that is radically different
from today. Based on ideas from Permaculture it has been observed that when natural systems change rapidly, some
species thrive whilst others become extinct. Thriving is more likely in situations where there are elements such as
strong community links with mutual assistance, a good supply of locally produced food, grass roots organisations where
power is horizontal, an increasing reliance on sustainable clean energy to mitigate Climate Change and much more. It has
now grown into a worldwide movement.

Inspecting the apples in Efford Valley August 2019

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