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Are you worried about climate change? There is no planet B, but there are many ways to take climate action in Devon. 

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 Devon is full of natural beauty 

 We've always loved the wildness of Devon. I spent my childhood exploring the woods and coast around Ilfracombe. It spent my 20s and 30s hiking on Exmoor, the South West Coast Path and the Tarka Trail. My 40s were spent living and working on Lundy where I met my wife.

Since February 2020 we've lived in Chulmleigh. Now we are discovering the lanes, woods, rivers and farmland around our new home.





 Our lives on Lundy 

 Lundy brought us together. We loved the geology, the history, the plants and the seabirds. We kayaked along the east coast, we walked through heathered paths and wondered about the scattered stones of the past.

I ran the bar in the Marisco Tavern for 12 years, whilst Shelley anchored the office. Lundy focused the skills that we'd learnt in our previous lives: adapting to change; repairing; finding alternative ways to do things. 

My bar hours gave me my mornings free to go bird watching. I followed the lives of a ledge of 18 pairs of Guillemots through 10 breeding seasons.  

We were both active members of the Lundy Field Society. My years behind the bar gave me the opportunity to speak to like-minded people and gave me the knowledge to give walks and talks when there was no warden on the island.


 Dark Skies 

 Devon has some of the darkest skies in Britain. I grew up with an interest in astronomy which started with the Viking probes in 1976. I studied Astrophysics at Cardiff University, and have organised stargazing events and talks in Ilfracombe and on Lundy. I helped Lundy gain Dark Sky Discovery status.

My talks and events focus on making the sky accessible. I hope that people go away with the ability to explore the night skies for themselves, whether with their eyes or with binoculars. The British weather is never predictable - so I always have a plan B - an alternative talk while we wait for any clouds to clear.


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